Sponsorship Budget Madness – What’s a CMO to do?

It’s no easy task being a CMO these days.

First, you have to deal with internal factions and politics around which events to sponsor. Do you please the CEO’s whims? Do you please the Sales teams aggressive posturing for dollars?

Second, you’re now expected to be as nimble with technology as your CTO (but, you are getting more and more of the CTO’s budget).

It’s not easy being an overpaid CMO with a cushy expense account these days!

Seriously, though, there is a way to please key stakeholders within your company and drive value for your massive sponsorship dollars. At SponsorHub, we’ve developed a checklist that, until now, has been shared with only a handful of clients to help them evaluate – without politics or emotion – where to deploy their budget.

Here’s the checklist, from top to bottom…apply all or part of this and you’re on the way to being a her within your organization:

1. Top Level – What the Best Brands Measure. Are You?

a. Total Cost of Activation
b. Total Value of Activation
c. Overall (Net) ROI
d. Rate of Return
e. Actual Attendance
f. Age
g. Income
h. Ethnicity
i. Education
j. Impressions
k. Inquiries
l. Target Audience Reach
m. Conversion Rate
n. Cost per Impression
o. Cost per Lead
p. Overall Ranking

2. Property Level: By Industry, Date and Geography (i.e. Sports, Entertainment, etc.):

a. Sentiment:
i. Net Promoter Score
ii. Emotions of Fanbase/crowds
iii. General Program Perception: Overall Experience
iv. Sponsorship/Partnership Perception: Sponsorship Appropriateness
v. Purchase Propensity: Consideration
vi. Recommendation Propensity

vii. Brand Perception
1. Performance
2. High Quality
3. Innovation
4. Prestige
5. Overall Opinion
6. Desirability
7. Advocacy

viii. Brand Impact
1. Purchase Impact
2. Recommendation Impact
3. Opinion Impact
ix. Specific Knowledge/Awareness
1. Sponsorship Awareness
2. Knowledge of Benefits

b. Lead Gen:
i. Cost per Lead
ii. Capture Rate
iii. Cost per Purchase Incentive
iv. Purchase Incentives
v. Purchase Incentive Capture Rate

c. On-Site:
i. Engagements
ii. Impressions
iii. Earned Impressions
iv. Awareness Value

d. Digital/Broadcast:
i. Digital Engagements
ii. Impressions
iii. Earned Impressions
iv. Click-Throughs
v. Followers
vi. Digital/Broadcast Awareness Value

e. Products:
i. Engagements
ii. Physical/On-Site Impressions
iii. Digital/Broadcast Impressions
iv. Digital/Broadcast Earned Impressions
v. Product Specification Requests

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