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EXPO Magazine

SponsorHub Launches Event Metric to Evaluate & Rank Live Events

By T.J. Raphael

SponsorHub, the online portal for event owners, venues, associations and brands to connect with sponsorship opportunities, is working to expand its services for users by delivering more return on investment (ROI).

"We're concerned with bringing good, quality events with a discrete set of sponsors at scale," says Bob Johnston, founder and CEO of SponsorHub. "Sponsorships are a part of a very sizable marketplace out there and they are not sold or purchased for events [as they are for] other forms of media, like film or TV. SponsorHub is a way for a brand to go in and purchase sponsorships for more than one event at a time that would be relevant for them whether for a specific city or industry.

The SponsorHub Score, says Johnston, lets sponsors evaluate and rank opportunities for sponsoring events. The platform created a new algorithm to determine event value for varying sponsors.

"We wanted to give sponsors a way to rate and score what they're spending on these sponsorships so there's some parity," he says. For a b-to-b CEO event, as a sponsor, you want to know why that event sponsorship is valued at $30,000. There's no metric right now that tells you that.

The SponsorHub Score algorithm takes into account:

  • Broad-based social influence/sentiment

  • Audience profile/convening power

  • Pricing levels

  • Press testimonials

  • Attendee testimonials

The brand needs to know why they're spending $30,000 or $300,000 for an event," says Johnston. "We polled sponsors and agencies, and they said the most critical things are: quality of attendees and the audience profile; social metrics, Twitter followers and Facebook likes; and event longevity, quality of talent and speakers at the event in addition to the venue. We've created this propriety algorithm that allows us to run this score across all of the events within this platform.